Ride the Mexican Wave


All of our products can be customized by hot stamping and screen printing. We are also able to distribute to our international clients from our distribution center in Laredo, TX.
We believe in creating alliances with other producers, bring our clients the most robust line to satisfy all of our clients’ needs from small businesses to supermarket chains on a national scale.

Gift Wrapping

Cutom Print



In Mexico we complement our product line with the following international brands which include but are not limited too: Sullivan Paper, Seaman Paper, Berwick Ribbons, Zowie (Switzerland), Stewo (Germany), and Star Pensilvania (Italy).

Large Network of Distributors in all Mexican States.

Service largest Supermarkets in Mexico.

Large list of clients in all Mexico.

In depth knowledge of the Mexican Retail Packagin Market.


Gift Wrap
Different designs

We are constantly updating the gift wrap.

Different sizes and designs

Find different sizes and designs.

Diferents models and colors

Find different models and colors

Diferents sizes and colors

Find different sizes and colors