It all began in 1974 when Olga Gossler with the support of her husband Eduardo started innovating the market of gift wrapping in Mexico with exclusive and original designs and importing cutting-edge products from all over the world.
In 1988, Gostech participated in its first expo being a total success creating a national expansion and quickly become a trusted supplier in the Mexican market of gift paper, bags and boxes. In 1990, because of a great demand for Gostech products, Eduardo Gossler and Olga Gossler cofound Worldtech, company that is in charge of providing Gostech with their full production line.
With the coming of the new Millenium we inaugurated in 2000 our 50,000 square feet warehouse and office building that allow us to stock and distribute Gostech’s full line of products both nationally and internationally. Located in the Monterrey Metro Area.
Additionally, in the 2000’s, Olga and Eduardo Gossler’s daughter Gery and sons Christian and Stefan, join the family business. Today, Gostech is a leading company in its industry distributing more than 10,000 diferent products of the highest quality, including our original designs in products such as: Gift boxes, Gift bags, Decorated tissue paper and Gift wrapping paper.



Completely satisfy all of the consumer needs and requierments inf gift wraping


Be Market leaders in the Mexican Retail Packaging Industry. Participate in the international market through, the efficient and competive production of high quality vanguard product: Generating added value in the process, creating satisfied Consumers, Customers, personel and shareholders.